Membership Application
Standards of membership dues
Membership gradeStandards of membership dues (RMB / year)
Founding memberRMB 500,000/year
Contributing memberRMB 100,000/year
Senior memberRMB 20,000/year
Ordinary memberFree

Entry conditions:

Members of the ECC shall be organizations.Organizations which wish to join the ECC must meet the following conditions:

1.Must be a properly organized company, public institution, community organization, institute of higher education, or research institute.

2.Must support the goals of the ECC as expressed in this Charter.

3.Must enjoy a level of recognition in the ECC's area of focus (industry or research).

4.Must carry out its duties as a member, and actively engage in the programs of the ECC.

Levels of membership:

Founding member (Diamond): A Founding member is a founder of the ECC. Members which commit to three years of membership of ECC may become Founding members after the end of their three-year commitment. Other new Founding members must be approved unanimously by existing Founding members.

Contributing member (Platinum): Must be nominated by two Founding members, and approved by at least 2/3 of Board members. Contributing member terms are for two years. In any year, no more than two new Contributing members may be added.

Senior member (Gold): New Senior member may be appointed if approved by at least half of existing Board members.

Ordinary member (Silver): Any organization may apply to join ECC. On approval by the secretariat, the organization becomes an ordinary member.

Privileges of membership:

Ordinary members

i. Free participation in conferences organized by ECC.

ii. Participation in working groups.

iii. Access to milestone working documents and published standards.

Senior members:

All of the privileges available to Ordinary members, and

i. May submit applications to ECC Board to launch testbed projects.

ii. May propose working group topics, and submit draft standards.

iii. Free participation in ECC seminars and workshops.

iv. Reduced rates for participation in ECC marketing activities.

Contributing members:

All of the privileges available to Senior members, and

i. May nominate one person to sit on ECC Board.

ii. May nominate chairs of working groups.

iii. May propose and organize ECC seminars.

iv. Free participation in ECC marketing activities.

Founding members:

All of the privileges available to Contributing members, and

i. May nominate candidates for chair/deputy chair of ECC Board, and general secretary/deputy general secretary of the secretariat.

ii. May propose establishment of new working groups.

iii. Priority nomination of chairs for working groups.

Membership Application
To promote in-depth industry coordination, accelerate innovation, and boost the application of edge computing, six industry entities have joined together to establish the ECC. The ECC is dedicated to advancing cooperation among industry resources from government, vendor, academic, research, and customer sectors, and pushing forward the sustainable development of the edge computing industry.
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