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Honeywell Launches ControlEdge™ PLC, the First Controller Supporting IIoT

Built on a proven and capable platform, ControlEdgeTM PLC provides an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)–ready open platform that enables users to better leverage data across their assets. Use of the OPC UA protocol offers smooth integration to a broad range of instruments while providing built-in cyber security. Interoperable multi-level and multi-platform open communication provides flexible and scalable design, enabling standardization with less hardware. Different from some vendors who configure external software packages for devices based on Ethernet modules, Honeywell directly integrates the IoT function into the CPU, improving the operation efficiency of ControlEdgeTM PLC. In addition to OPC UA, ControlEdgeTM PLC also supports Modbus TCP. The two protocols can be simultaneously run on the same interface.

Cyber security features embedded in ControlEdgeTM PLC include a built-in firewall to reduce exposure to denial-of-service attacks and message flooding, a certified secure development lifecycle to ensure that security is built-in from the start, and secure boot to prevent uploading of unauthorized software. In addition, Honeywell offers world-class industrial cyber security solutions and managed services that help protect the availability, safety, reliability, and efficiency of industrial control systems and site operations by reducing events, errors, and faults that may cause service interruption. Honeywell has released the second version of ControlEdgeTM PLC that supports IPsec.

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