AII Works with ECC and Other Partners to Demonstrate Future-Oriented Industrial Internet Testbed, Accelerating Digital Innovation in Manufacturing Industry

Recently, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance (AII) has teamed up with Edge Computing Consortium (ECC) to build a test bed using the future-oriented industrial Internet technology Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) + OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). This initiative aligns with the Guidance from the State Council on Deepening the Development of "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" for Industrial Internet and aims to accelerate the innovation and development of the industrial Internet. This test bed is displayed in AII's core exhibition hall in Beijing and is an important approach to boost the development of industrial Internet in all provinces and cities in China through exhibiting and learning.

The lack of interconnection and interworking of industrial field networks hinders the development of the manufacturing industry. As a future-oriented network technology, the TSN provides a stable and reliable real-time network environment for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, meeting a variety of interconnection and communication requirements of the industrial Internet. Based on Ethernet technologies, the TSN guarantees end-to-end deterministic latency and jitter during data transmission. In addition, the OPC UA enables semantic interoperability of smart machines. By bringing more digital innovation experience to industrial Internet's information extraction and exchange, the TSN + OPC UA is a key driving force for the development of new technologies such as predictive maintenance, data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). By adopting the TSN + OPC UA, industrial enterprises can enjoy higher efficiency, less downtime, improved interoperability, and lower overall costs.

Now, AII collaborates with ECC, Huawei, Avnu Alliance, and other renowned vendors in the industry such as Schneider Electric, HollySys, National Instruments, B&R, and TTTech to demonstrate the TSN + OPC UA test bed, which covers the following five industrial interconnection scenarios:

-Race-Car Game (Huawei and HollySys)

-LED Synchronization (Huawei and Schneider Electric)

-Motor Synchronization (Huawei and National Instruments)

-OPC UA Over TSN (Huawei and B&R)

-TSN Switch Interoperability Test (Huawei and TTTech)


Chen Qun, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipality, visits the testbed booth.

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